Saturday, August 13, 2011


Never believe in 3 people:
They are the Most Selfish n Mean.

Never lose 3 people:
They are the Most Sincere n True Lovers.

Never share with 3 people:
Virgo, Libra, Scorpio
They can never Keep Secrets n Cheat People.

Never reject 3 people:
Leo, Gemini, Aquarius
They are True, Honest Friends and Never Think Bad for any one.

Which one is yours?

p/s : just suka-suki ok. tp mcm ade yg betul. maybe yg betol tu kebetulan je kot. mcm ade dua version pon ye jgk. hmm..


Ismieraihan said...

Ni post nak puji diri sendiri ke bhai???

muhammad fitri izzat said...

Well... Nk bt cmne mmg knyataan.
Btw, kite same kot.

Ismieraihan said...

0bviously btol for my part la...
tp ntok president toyol~~ ada keraguan disitu =)

muhammad fitri izzat said...

Hahaha... Berbaur unsur KEJELESAN di situ.
Nk bt cmne mmg seorng yg jujur, benar dan baik hati lg penyayang =)

Ismieraihan said...

Tercium bau2 riak dan takbur situ

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