Thursday, July 7, 2011

Physic vs Life

In physic;

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transfered or changed to another forms.

In life;

When you lose something, you gain something. When you gain something, you lose something.

Bila baca balik faham betol2, dua2 tu ade kaitan satu sama lain. Saling berkaitan, cuma kita je tak sedar.


Physic = Life


p/s : test physic sabtu ni. takot!! wish me luck =)


padle said...

gud luck abang long!

Ismieraihan said...
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Ismieraihan said...

Phyisic = life...
hurrmm i used to hate physic, but dont I hate life..

p/s~memg x habes2 ngan theory physic dy, btw miss ur German words larr...

muhammad fitri izzat said...

Padle - thanks!!!

Cik manggis - haha.mane ade la.. Btw, nnt la pk words german yg best. =)